Take me back to the times frowning in sleep
Cuddle my thoughts to match of the bygones that ought to be rekindled
Distress my soul with the urge to embrace yesterday’s perfect songs
Curse my today’s glad times, let me shelter in the frail existence of spear and sword- stick to it and suffer for my disobedience to an oath vowed
Take me back to the times the hilly sides touched heavens
And the shallow of the valleys seemed the deepest abyss

Take me back to the dull world that cared less of perfect clothing
When peace of mind sought reconneisance
When daylight stayed longer unlike the sunny days of the present times chasing the moon
Take me back when dew was present and it’s absence absurd and unthought of
Take me back to the days when even sad times were commemorated with joy
-When ‘tero buru’ and ‘dhi nyangi’ braced the mind kept calendar-
Take me back to the fore-times when time ticked majestically
And modernization seemed a cult to my people
When races thrived in hate and abuse of another
Take me back that I may mourn the injustices to the Maori and curse of the brutalities of the Nazi

Take me back;
Maybe there is Canaan- land of milk and honey
Maybe there is Garden of Eden or the soothing sightings of the Pyramids of Giza come to birth
Take me back, if not far away then far enough to loose me to times
For it heals no pain but suppresses the qualm of pain
Take me back before the audacities and plague sought company among men
Take me back!

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