25 teenagers arrested shooting pornographic videos in Kakamega

25 teenagers, 10 girls and 15 boys,were yesterday arrested in Maraba Estate, Kakamega County after being found shooting pornography videos. All the culprits are said to be highschoolers aged between 14 and 17 years.

Alongside these ‘actors’ was Caleb, a man believed to be the brain behind this criminal act. The arresting officer confirmed that Caleb has been suspected to be influencing young boys and girls into shooting pornographic videos for months and the police have been on his trail.

A witness, who asked anonymity, said that the criminal act took place in a rented apartment in Maraba Estate, yesterday evening. He said that he was eccentric when he spoted packets of condoms broadcasted in the house which is besides the road.

“I was in my bodaboda business as usual when I espied very many condom wrappings at the door and there was noise coming from the house. I decided to get into the house to check what was going on and was shocked to see teenagers making love, and there was a man shooting,” he said.

The police were apprised and they came to the locale. The suspects are reported to have been having both raw and protected sex. They were apprehended and taken to Kakamega Central Police Sation.

Kakamega Central OCPD David Kabena said the police acted on time to find the minors setting up the cameras for the shooting.

“These are underaged and we found them before starting the act and arrested them. We will deal with Caleb for he is the one misleading the young ones,” said Mr Kabena.

The OCPD went on to say that they will not press charges on the youngsters and called on parents to be watchful of their children and that they will release the minors as they get picked by their parents.

“How can a parent be unaware of their children’s whereabouts for over four hours and not be perturb? Is the police going to fight criminals or parent and their children? Let parents take their parenting responsibility well,” he said.

Senate Majority leader Irungu Kangata recently during a special briefing on the state of education sector, urged the upper house to order Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha to reopen schools as a way of taming the flooding of pornographic literature and increase of teenage pregnancy. His proposition was however met by retaliations from other leaders who stated that the moral perversions during this pandemic is because of the parents’ failure to nurture their children.

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