How criminalized is the modern man in our society?

Our society has found a way to tarnish whatever they do not agree to and whoever who doesn’t subscribe to their line of thinking. This is mediocrity at its best. I’m not here to talk about everything else they’ve labelled toxic but specifically to that which they’ve totally patented to men and openly blame it on this innocent gender.

We have come to reduce men’s thoughts, preferences, opinions and actions as misogynistic & toxic. Whatever we men bring to the table or raise up in conversations as our thoughts are being turned round and used against us for having different views. I’m scared that more men and boys in our society are falling for this deception.

We are losing stand of our roles just because we fear our opinions might upset people and we end up being sidelined by these same people. These people aren’t much aware as to what it means to be toxic or misogynistic, they just loathe an opinion and word from your gender because of the issues they have with men present in their lives or previously present in their lives.

They abhor it more when you tell them the pedestal in their fantasy of feminism is merely a wrong encounter with a boy/man who hurt her and what she is religiously advocating for is misandry masqueraded as ‘feminism and standing for women’s rights’.

The society has come to criminalize men to the extent you see a little girl in a lonely path and quickly make a turn, you can’t help a stranger with a baby on the bus just by carrying her on your lap, even little boys playing with little girls seems like a dangerous thing. I’d be doomed if a woman passes out in front of me, whether in a room where we are just two of us, even in public!

We have become enemies as the two genders present; where women are the good gender, men on the other hand are rapists, muderers, psychotic stalkers, thieves and the real pain in the ass to this world, some have been quoted to say “all men should die”

To be a man is waking up and feel bile mixing up with the food in your stomach because a random mistaken movement of part of your body gazed a woman and she looks at you ferociously and within seconds a load of abuses is hurled your way as a result of it. It’d even be claimed you are a perpetual rapist in hiding! Is this lucid!!

A man saying I prefer thick women to skinny ones or light skinned to dark ones is clearly dubbed as misogyny and running a cultural narrative of one fraction of women is ‘better’ than the other, no matter the situation even as a joke or privately where many can’t hear it. They are so entitled that they even want to dictate on your choice and preference of a woman you would date.

While a woman openly saying she prefers tall guys to short guys or one with more money to another is merely her ‘taking a stand for what she deserves’ ??. They would go an extra mile to make fun of these other caliber of men they don’t like.
The audacity! Mistresses of double standards!!

Women have gotten the pass to ridicule men on stands beyond our capabilities like height, penis size, hair lose and etc while being loud about it and no one complains about it, dare you and see how she’ll hit all your ‘insecurities’ and rant about a systemic oppression narrative that men are forcing to be thinkers of women and make decisions for them even though they aren’t related or married in the very least.

It’s funny how these same women will be the ones to cry foul if a man mentions something like weight which is in their total control! They’ll proclaim louder than John the Baptist in the wilderness how they stand against body shame ?. They want men to find beauty in them and forget that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is relative, all men have different tastes in women, you be you and your man will come for you.

How do we cure this and raise our little sons with the knowledge that we all make mistakes and it’s not in any way attached to their gender?

Do we have to go back and apologize for each mistake either gender has made towards each other?? To err is human, to forgive is divine. People wrong others because it’s their character, get them and crucify them for their sins, don’t peg down an entire gender!

Dear son, know what you want and what you stand for, say it loudly and say it proudly, your opinion and views matter. But always remember, the freedom to stretch your hands ends at the beginning of someone else’s face. You may be knowledgeable to the extreme but we are all TEACHABLE, don’t be rigid to other’s opinions and ridicule them. You are a man in all capacity and nothing makes you lesser, times keep getting tougher for men in this world, but you are made from the toughest of nails na utatoboa. Never be ashamed of your gender

” I generally don’t want to live in a world where being what a man is, is a horrible thing, and no matter what a woman is, is a wonderful thing ” the late Patrice O’Neal

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  1. I read this article on the monthly magazine and I was mesmerized.This is a typical real life setting.Happens a lot even to me .I leave in ghetto and when am so late and a guy passes am like oh my.hope he isnt a thief and this article was just it for me.let’s stop criminalizing boy child.

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