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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Ankara? Kitenge will probably ring a bell for most Kenyans and in the western Africa the word kente will probably pop up in people’s head.

Whatever the definition regarding to your locale, the clear message is that ankara has changed tide in the fashion world bot not only in Africa but also globally. Ankara denotes African heritage and culture and when worn with pride it presents our true African nature and boldness in a blend of the modern world.

The Ankara for ages was associated with mid aged older women in the past years but nowadays girls at their prime age have embraced the Ankara style and fashion. It is not surprising to see them girls in Ankara at weddings, offices, girls’ night out, dates and all other shenanigans girls are involved in.

One can attribute this to the fact that the Ankara fashion world has become so dynamic and so broad. Ankara flexibility has proved to suit every girls desire to step out boldly knowing that she is confident in whatever she is doing.

If you are having plans to change your wardrobe here are the listed top ten trendy designs for Ankara this year. Watch out, some of them are pricey!

10.Plated skirts

Box plated skirts conforms every season, every event and occasion. Whether you are on official duty or just having dinner dates with your loved ones. It often adds magic to your glow. Its versatility makes you stand out from your flock. In Kenya plated skirts often ranges from three thousand depending on the material and your designer.

plated skirts- Photo Courtesy jeniffer amani


Peplum designs are a cherry to young women and mid ranged women who display disciplines of leadership in whatever they do. Peplum comes in tops or skirts or both. Peplum skirts usually blends best with official and casual tops while peplum tops go naturally well with jeans, mini denim skirts, pencil skirts and not forgetting cigarrete trousers. Peplum designs ranges from ksh 4000 but vary in different fashion retailors.

Peplum Photo courtesy Dezangu fashion Zone

8. straight skirts and dresses

If you are the kind of girls that value simplicity, the straight skirts and dresses should definitely be in your wardrobe. Lengthy pencil skirts, short straight dress to just simple flawless straight long ankle dress the choice is yours.

Straight Skirt Photo Courtesy Mammypi fashions

7.dashiki tops

Welcome to the world of matching outfits. Most prefer dashiki outfits worn by couples. Make your love public by matching dashiki and if you have a child put them on the list too. Dashiki designs go well with jeans, Ankara shorts or pencil trousers. Dashiki designs ranges from 3500 here in kenya.

6.Shorts Ankara

Now if you are a lover of dressing down then the shorts Ankara should without doubt be in your catalogue. Ankara shorts are simple, classic and conforms to any casual events. It mixes well with baggy shirts with crop tops. You can also match it with Ankara blouse. Ankara shorts are budget able as they range from 2500 and the good is that they still set the trends in Ankara world.

Shorts Ankara Photo courtesy Grassfield Collection

5 high waist skirts

The high waist skirts conforms to all range of body shape and sizes from petite, plus sizes ladies and curvy girls. Very comforting outfit for beautiful days. High waist skirts matches well with blouses, t-shirts or any other casual wear or tops. High waist skirts often rages from 6000 and prices may vary depending on your fashion designer.

High waist skirt Photo courtesy Souleye collection

4. Ankara and lace

You can call it expensive pain or taste but one thing that is for sure is that if you are a hipster and a lady of taste then you have to dive deep in your pockets for the attire. Ankara laces designs works well with occasion such as weddings, notable meetings but for casual lovers, you probably should have other options. Ankara laces ranges from 10000 and vary from different retailors.

Ankara Lace Photo courtesy Adeh’s lookbook

3. Ankara maternity dresses

Stressed on what to wear when you are having that big bump? Well Ankara maternity dresses comes in handy for you. Whether short or long, Ankara maternity dress will give you a beautiful, confident and outstanding look about your state. The mix and match is the match for you especially the short maternity dresses. Best fits in casual wear.

Ankara materrnity dress Photo courtesy Etsy collection

2.bogolan dress

Expensive pain is the best description for Bogolan dresses. An Ankara petite lady would obviously like to explore the short and sexy design especially in the calm evening when you be having barbeque with friends and family. The best material for the outfit is silk for making you stay command of your body. Bogolan dresses cost about Ksh10000 and ranges in different fashion stores.

Bogolan dress Photo Courtesy

1.kimono design

The kimono originates from the ancient Japanese fashion antique. The kimono design in Ankara is so versatile as it blends with almost all outfits in your wardrobe. The kimono design instills a spirit of warrior at the same time makes you the humblest cute chic every man desires. Kimono matches well with straight simple dress, top and jeans, top and straight trousers, pencil trouser with casual top and just an icing on the cake you can match it with your hubby.

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