Shining on the global stage, Miss Supranational Kenya

Who is Phidelia Mutunga?
Fun-loving. Can be goofy sometimes! Generally, a lover of
life and all God has bestowed on her. Born in Kwale County.
Finance graduate and an entrepreneur
Wow. That’s amazing, numbers for most of us is a pain in the

Between me and you, I’m happy to have graduated.
What are your hobbies?
Volunteer work, traveling, Working out, reading books, currently on Michelle Obama’s Becoming.
When did you start modeling and realized that’s
what did you want to do professionally?

Actually no, I didn’t know I’ll pursue it on a long term basis,
I did it for fun in high school once, then went on to talent
shows, and started having serious thoughts about it in the
Later on, I joined a modeling agency, learned the basics, and
went to auditions, and with each experience; I learned something new that helped me grow.
You are representing Kenya in the 12th Edition of Miss Supranational. How is this for you?
I’m honored to represent Kenya in such renowned pageantry;
I’m positive it’s going to be a lovely experience and a great
journey into shaping my modeling career. Each day is an
opportunity to learn, I’m looking forward to it and praying all
goes well.
What brings you the greatest satisfaction in modeling?
Meeting new people from all walks of life, getting to experience new cultures, learning new things, and growing my
The modeling industry is notoriously cut-throat. It’s been
marred by allegations of mistreatment of models and the
most common sexual harassment. How true is this and how
has the experience been for you?

In one way or the other, I’ve experienced discrimination
according to my skin tone, and other forms of prejudices. Your
moral stand is what matters, I’ve never compromised my life,
and I urge every lady to never do it. Keep working hard and
never listen or let any societal pressures or ‘standards’ of beauty
get into your head. Where there’s a will there’s always away.
If you were to win the Miss Supranational competition in Po- land, what are the things you have in mind that you plan to
achieve during your reign? And what do you wish to achieve
as the current Miss Supranational Kenya?

Both entail creating impact and changing people’s lives via my
title, I’d increase awareness of volunteering to the less fortunate, share compassion, and kindness in the world. Preach
about the importance of living in peace, harmony, and loving
each other beyond skin color
Modeling sometimes entail showing off most of your skin,
especially the high fashion modeling, for most people, they do
not understand that its always about being confident in your
skin, how has this affected your lifestyle, family, and your

I’m confident in my skin and this has never been in any way
a problem for me. Modeling is a career just like any other; the
key is being bold and comfortable in your skin and believe in
My family understands, so is my circle, there’s nothing wrong
with being confident and pursuing your career path.
What is your advice to models that have been ridiculed in the
line of work?
Work on their self-esteem, not let societal standards of beauty
define them, and keep working towards achieving their goals.
The competition was postponed to next year due to the
Covid-19 pandemic. How has this pandemic affected not only
the competition but also the modeling industry as a whole?

In several ways, almost everyone has been affected directly or
indirectly. People can’t get to interact anymore. There has been
a loss of opportunities and generally, the world has changed as
a whole and we don’t know when we’ll resume to normalcy.
What are the factors you would like to change in the modeling

Mainly discrimination against skin color. Beauty comes in all
shades and every lady deserves a chance.
What about your male counterparts?
To keep believing in them and give their all in the industry,
eventually, hard work pays.
On a lighter note, what’s that one thing in your bucket list?
Visit all the 7 wonders of the world.
Is Phidelia in a romantic relationship?
Yes, she’s happy in a relationship.
Sorry to the singles (laughs)
Congratulations on winning Miss Supranational Kenya 2020
and all the best as you represent us in Poland come next year.
Break a leg.

Thank you!

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