If you want a genuine friendship or relationship with anybody whether an old soul or a wild heart, connect. Whether it’s a random 80year old or a 6-year old, connect. You will never quite miss learning a thing or two or maybe ten. It’s not as hard or easy but it might be worth it.

You want genuine beauty? Real beauty? The kind of connection that isn’t short-lived, but rather feels like it has existed for hundreds of years, feels all-consuming and feverish and grounding at the same time, connect.

Sit with someone and let them trust you in holding their words. Listen. You don’t even need to respond, most people crave a listening ear. A patient heart. Offer your time and ask them about all the horrible things they have done in life. Let them uncover their layers bit by bit, you’ll understand their making. 

Sit with someone and let them tell you how it feels to carry a broken and wounded heart covered by a smile and watch the crack in their voice. Hear their most fragile sound. Sit with someone and let them rant about all the things they feel are wrong in the world. Hear how endless they talk about their dreams, how their smiles curve from ear to ear, and how they whisper about their fears. Connect.

Sit with someone and let their stories and experiences touch you. Not physically, but mentally. Sit with someone and let them have you on a soul level, on another bar. Hear them as to why they keep wanting an escape from a routine, from real life. Why they keep distracting themselves. Why they are so guarded and have walls so high you cannot break. 

Connect with people and allow yourself to live in their story because the real feast, the real nourishment exists not in someone’s lips or how they smile, or the curve of their spine. It exists in the most honest and raw aspects of who they are. It exists in their nostalgia and in their hopes and in the way certain songs make them want to cry. 

But you only let yourself get this far if you’re willing to connect. Not with everybody else but also with yourself. Face the darkest sides of your life and maybe you’ll just break a cycle.

Understand why you are the way you are. Carry your norms on your fingertips. Explode your truth to the person who has a listening ear and a person who is trusted. Connect with your anger, and make peace with bits of it if not whole. 

Maybe through this, you’ll win dimes and nurture the tender of friendships. Maybe you’ll have won a lifetime relationship or unending love from your friends. Don’t just ask about the weather, of course, it’s raining, come on. Vagueness is boring, it’s cliché.

Explode on them. Learn them from a different level. It’s only easier if they have your trust and if they’re willing. Stir up conversations. Uncover your best friend. Know your little sister’s fears. Let them tell you why they like dark colors. 

Chase after making new connections. Chase after captivating conversations that leave you dumbfounded with questions that open you up to unfamiliar sides of life. Connect with the dreams that excite you, yet scare you. Connect!!!

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