Find healed women to date, not people still finding out about themselves and there sexuality. They will use you and blame it on you. Run from a woman who has to consult her friends on everything and parades relationship matters, she’s not yet aware what a personal relationship is and can’t operate in one. She will air your dirty linen and her friends won’t spare you from their gossips.

Find a woman free from any mental issues, she says anything about being crazy, depression, anxiety, you aren’t a therapist, let her seek medication and help first. She’ll still dump you no matter how much you cared about her well-being.

Be with a woman that understands her self worth and knows sex isn’t a sign of love, date a woman who knows your time is investment in the relationship and your presence & indulgence with her is enough signs that you want the relationship.

Date a woman that respects herself more than the relationship you have. Only then shall she not be promiscuous and embarrass both of you

Be with a lady who can help you make decisions about life and your goals and want to be part of that.

Find a lady who can pray for you for there is time in men’s lives, we lose a sense of religion and faith especially if we are loosing in what we are doing.Let her be a prayer warrior, your Queen Esther and save you.

Get a lady who will understand how the world really is cruel to men, and be a safe space for you to confide in and open up to, without worries of it being used against you and your ego being bruised.

Be with a woman who knows what secrecy is and what can and can’t be shared outside the relationship.

Find yourself someone who isn’t trying to see how things go with you like an experiment and isn’t sure why she’s in a relationship.

And as a woman, understand you are the image of the relationship, how you carry yourself will be used as the measure of the relationship. From how you interact with people,to how you dress and who you are seen with. How you behave around men, in the absence of your man.

As a man ,she is your responsibility, no matter how much she earns, you are to ensure you put her to the highest level you can, not just emotionally but mentally ( help her with ideas, put her in positions to earn, at your lowest she shall feed you, si squad), physically (dress her as appealing as you want her to look) etc.

Her fidelity and integrity will be your reward, that’s her highest quality in your life and the best gift to you as her King

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15 thoughts on “The type of woman to date

  1. I totally Agree with you bro, we should date those who add value to our lives and we make each other happy.
    Looking forward to more articles from you Professor

  2. A profound piece! The image of the woman portrayed here I would urge that ladies try to emulate; it is important to know and understand one’s worth. I believe that the above characteristics and qualities also apply to men with equal magnitude.

  3. I am reading this article and smiling all through ☺☺
    It is awesome!!
    It vividly exhibits those critical aspects of what defines and holds a relationship.
    I especially like that part about self worth,self respect and praying for your man.
    Great work!

  4. Great work professa.. bravo!so much truth in your above article.The greatest percentage of the ladies in this generation are walking in the direct opposite direction. I hope that they get to digest your golden tips of the women who we intend them to be and change the direction of true love and the true african woman species and if this continues the generation to come.

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