KCSE Results are finally out; congratulations have filled the very marrow of the air and the hopes of the many joining the well-desired Universities are finally a reality. You could hear the silent, yet exciting chants of Khanyo Maphumulo’s Freedom is coming tomorrow in their movements, conversations, and eyes. Finally, to high school, they say Veni, vidi, vici.

Dear Conquerors, please hold your horses. Before diving into the uncharted waters of Campo, here are some big brother tips for survival as a Fresha in the badlands:

  1. Avoid intimate Relationships with Seniors.

Here in Campo, theThird- and Fourth-year students are a very interesting lot. Being the seniors, they seem to know every corner, every chuom, every “fun” and absorbing party zones, and everything as far as the “Uni-life” is concerned. This makes them not just interesting but also attractive. Their attractiveness becomes a camouflage strategy unknown by the unsuspecting freshmen prey. Most intimate relationships with this lot end in the most hurtful heartbreaks or the so-called “Unit one: Character Development.” Avoid those people.

2. Attend Lectures.

In as much as this seems boring and “high-school-like,” attending these academic conventions is vital. Missing classes for no good reason or no reason at all can be an enjoyable one-time thing that easily turns into a behavioral norm. Before you know it, the semester is ending, exams are to be sat and done, and  Sup is on the way.

3. Avoid drugs, they’ll Kill you.

With so much freedom, wanting to try everything is an irresistible siren song. Drugs go by so many names on campus and the consoling thought of “it’s just once in a while” and si niko mavitu might easily lead you down that death road. No matter the circumstance, avoid drugs at all costs. Drugs rob you of your time, independence, and health. Drugs will kill you even without killing you.

4. Rent and Fees are Untouchables.

There are seasons of bountifulness and kuinama as far as university life is concerned. In these seasons of hard times, rent and fees are never to be touched. They are like Pandora’s box. Once you start using them in small doses, they easily end. And I guess you all know the consequences.

5. Party Responsibly.

Sherehe sheria. It’s quite obvious that you won’t be studying through and through (unless you want to be a bookworm.) Every day here is a party day. When going out to a party, especially at night it’s best to be selective about it, or else, you’d be dressed in a body bag afterward. It is also advisable to go to parties with friends or a trusted group. This ensures security and maximum fun.

6. Don’t spend on everything.

The harsh truth is most students on campuses suffer a lot, yet they seem fine because of poor financial decisions. Never spend money on petty things you don’t need like flashy clothes, expensive electronics, and jewelry just to impress. Save a little or else life will be unbearable without money. This should be the golden rule; unless you want to be broke don’t spend on luxuries you can’t afford.

7. Friends, friends, and friends.

Make friends or know people if you want to survive on campus. Friends help you in times of hardship and when you are stuck. They are your banks when you need a loan and food booths when you are hungry. Next time you meet a fellow comrade, put on that reassuring smile, say hi then friend zone that person. You never know when or where you may be in need.  Above all, choose your friends wisely.

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