You said it was just a night..
You said it would mean nothing..
That night at the lounge..
You assured me
Your resolved speech,,
I was your only audience..
You whispered a ‘no strings’..
I believed you..
It was completely consensual..

But you came back at twilight..
After a fortnight and I took you in..
My questions went unanswered..
You said I was more than an escort to you..
That I had your heart..
That she had become a dè jà vù..
And I had owned your future..

Took me sometime but I believed you..
I thought you were building a palace for me..
You were crashing the bricks..
I didn’t see the signs or my eyes were fogged..
The crystals were blurry..

Thought I was your cymbal
Untill you reclaimed your violin..
You claimed my notes were not in harmony..
You didn’t like my rythm no more..

I reclaimed my escort position..
You didn’t like me there..
You eloped with her..

Now you stalk me all over..
Asking why I’ve never loved..
My bank account is overflowing..
But I have a death sentence with your signature on it..
You ripped my heart
Now they call me Savage..
My death is on you..

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