Worked out and hungry as you are
You take a shower after having some meal
And just when you get inside your cosy bed beckoning your sleep and peace
There she is… The maid in all her glory
The one soul that keeps you on your toes when you should be on your feet
The only body that makes your life meaningful at all
And you slowly get up
Sit by the edge of your bed
Watch as she dances with the grace of a dove
And there, the throne awaits her
Majestically as she can, she slowly sits on it
One leg on the other like the designer models she was born to be part of
But then you observe and realize that there is some kind of blur
You follow the dim light
Into the whitish void ahead
A shadow so clear..her shadow,
Runs towards the void
Well, you keep following and only then
The shadow jumps into some arms
It is received with pleasure and joy that you also feel some emotion
Like she wanted to be let loose
But you just couldn’t
So she fell in the arms that could
What could be more painful..

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