The Beam

I knew it from the minute I heard it,

The screamSo deafening to my ears.

I felt it to the core

My heartbeat fastened

My lungs suddenly felt empty

I couldn’t breathe

Nothing was steady

Not even the earth around me

My head was spinning

Short of breath and scared to death

As if that wasn’t enough,

The room went darkSlowly,

The little strength left in my tiny legs,

Took an impromptu leave.

I fell to the ground

My brain was a roller coaster

My thoughts felt like a rubix cube

Some sort of puzzle that I couldn’t get a hang of

But I needed a way out

And couldn’t see one

So I lay there

Numb, tearless,

Until I squint my eyes.

It was there,

A tiny beam of light that shone right at me

So I crawled towards my only hope

It felt like a hand pulling me

A force pushing me

And I couldn’t resist.

This was just the beginning of my trip

As long as I felt safe

I knew it was the start of the end

So I held on to the little beam

Smiled at myself

Aware that it was over

As the silence took over. Hush!

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