Fellow mwananchi

I believe

I see the invisible

With all hope gone

Amidst the scars of tragedy

In gushing tears of pain

Victoria waters melancholy lie

Death looks gigantically down

But let it go

“Mungu tabariki”

Endemic malaria

Pandemic corona

Leave not a rack behind

But let not thee say

Stay at home

Dreadful secrets unrevealed

What was past is present

But let it go

“Mungu tabariki”

We have a will

Yes a will to march on

A common destiny to reach

“Pamoja tiunane”

Brother or foe

My call to all

For we are all bound here

Onyango,Njeri,kemunto all one

Marking through these

Back to glorious blooms.

All dreams vanished

Culture the cause of fear

You battered faded walls

Herself bewitched

I’ll tell you more

Every hour of day and night

Elephants fight daily

But the grass bleeds,starves and dies

We’ll brave life’s rough terrain

Ooh! mwananchi

Our shambas

Miles from home

Through thee darkened forests

Vines reached the light

Behold our golden fruits

So long as we are here

Life’s battles continue

But gun me not

Hand at hand at it.

A feeble nation

Left off to mock

Most deeply rooted

Manifested in human minds

Down the slopes

Out of infinite pain

I will walk again

Have you wondered why

Seen my steps falter

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