Keeping ‘Miss V’ clean and healthy

The beauty of a woman is not only seen by how she dresses or carries herself but also through her level of hygiene in general.
A good number of women have no idea how to care for that precious part of their body thereby ending up using different concoctions and unhealthy products in a bid to feel fresh all-time all day.

This is very wrong! “She” also gets agitated when you handle it carelessly while at the same time using different products on her. I bet you wouldn’t want to see her hungry right?

The inside of a vagina is home to natural bacteria and moisture therefore, it is self-cleaning through natural vaginal secretions commonly known as discharge. It’s a myth that the vagina needs extensive cleaning as it’s designed to self-clean.

It’s the joy of every woman to feel fresh and take pride in that too. Here are a few tips that will help you stay fresh and clean as desired.

Say no to soaps
Water will always do the trick. No need to be shoving soaps down there to clean it. As we’ve already discussed; it cleans itself. Applying soap to it means killing the natural bacteria that keep her fresh all time.

Fermented Foods.
Fermented foods e.g. plain yogurt helps a lot in preventing yeast infections and keeps your vaginal pH balanced always.
This only means that you should be taking plain yogurt in plenty.

Pee after sex
I bet no explanation is needed here. Just do it.

Ditch your undies at night.
Unless you’re on your periods you should be throwing your panties away at night. Panties trap moisture against the skin at night thereby paving way for yeast and bacterial growth. Sleeps in loose shorts (baggy) or commando.
Vaginal perfumes.

If nature had intended the vagina to smell like roses or lavender, it would have made it to smell so. Vaginal odor can change at different times of the periodic cycle mostly during ovulation and immediately after the menstrual cycle. It shouldn’t be a worry unless you have an infection.

As I mentioned earlier, water is enough to do the trick. Nothing should be added down there.

Shower after Sex.
It is an unwritten rule that you should shower after sex period.

Chooses your tampons and sanitary towels wisely.
What works for you will/may not work for another. Avoid hyped products most of the time. Change your pads or tampons every 2-3 hours.

Wipe from front to back.
Bacteria near the rectum can cause infections and irritation around the vagina and its surroundings.
Wear 100% cotton undies.

Multiple partners
Taking care of yourself is not collective responsibility. It’s an individual task. If you love yourself enough you wouldn’t go with multiple men in a bid to prove yourself or seek revenge. You’ll be destroying yourself. Have one partner just in case infection occurs you would know where to start from. Staying single all the same is better than treating STDs.

Use Condoms
It’s always advisable to use condoms which are a problem for many couples out there. But your health matters anyway. If your bank account can’t allow you to afford one feel free to walk in any public hospital and get yourself one. It’s always advisable to walk with a packet of condoms just in case. You never know.

Good vagina equals good health not forgetting a healthy diet.

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  1. “I bet no explanation is needed here. Just do it.”???I liked that part

    Nice piece, I am always skeptical about insta-pages that sell pearls or Miss V washes.

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