As a girl you should…as a girl you shouldn’t…Sit like a girl. Don’t whistle you are not a boy. Do the dishes because it’s a girl’s job, don’t take an engineering course because it’s not ladylike, the do’s and don’ts go on and on, and urgh, as girls we’re just so tired of hearing this, I am at least. Any girl has heard the rules of what a girl should and shouldn’t do, entirely on account of being female. Am growing sick of them.

The society, and by extension patriarchal system, has been bent on subduing girls so much that we’re afraid of saying, “no, I don’t wanna do that, I want to do stuff my way,” or simply asking, “Why?” Why should I do that, or why shouldn’t I do this.

We’ve been so conditioned to stick to the notion of a girl is supposed to be seen, not heard, a girl shouldn’t draw too much attention to herself, a girl’s voice shouldn’t be too loud, a girl shouldn’t be too visible, a girl shouldn’t shine so bright! And because every context has been so sexualized in this age, they’ll say you’re (flirty, an attention seeker, a hoe! mouthy, name it) all in an attempt to put you down and have you submissive and silent.

The two-thirds gender rule has also sparked debate on whether women have a say in the society. Since the promulgation of the new constitution in August 2010, parliament has failed to pass the rule even when the court intervened and gave them an order to do so.

Where does this development leave our women? Who will project their voices?

The 2/3 gender rule should be passed to enable women to get a fair representation in parliament. This move will help women make laws that will protect and nurture the girl child. Women will then get access to funding and government aid which has been long due.

But can you imagine what the world would be like if women did not stand up for themselves, if women didn’t ask questions, if women didn’t speak up, if women weren’t known? Quite dreary, yes? We can’t overlook the fact that this still happens that some women are still afraid of speaking up, of asking questions, of going astray from the norms imposed on them.

As girls, of a new contemporary society, it’s really up to us to say no to double standards, to break the system, to stray from fake societal norms designed to keep the woman in chains. It’s up to us to rise beyond the negativity, above the feeling of being underrated, above the confinement, and more importantly, above the glares.

Because you’re a girl, you can do what you want to do, you can be whatever you want to be. Normal is boring. Do not ever put yourself in the box of normal because you’re afraid people will talk, people will get angry, let them! When you know people’s opinions do not define or limit you, you’re free.

Do that which makes you happy, that which you’re passionate about, that which your conscience allows, that which makes you smile. And if taking over the world is what’s going to fulfill all this in you, then, by all means, go above and beyond.

Most importantly, don’t ever allow yourself to sit in anyone’s shadow, male or female; you’re the star of your show. Project your light, always.

Hail all queens of the world.

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1 thought on “Break that Glass ceiling!

  1. Hapo kwa 2 thirds gender rule. So your main aim is to get women in the parliament to represent only women!!!
    Besides, we, both men and women, have a fair ground when it comes to parliamentary positions. We all have a chance to convince voters to vote for us. It is about you as women to stand up and fight for those seats. No one will give you a chance to rule just because you are a woman.

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