There is always a lot of tension and uncomfortability that comes with new relationships. One feels the need to always do things the right way lest you wake up single. A good number of ladies or do I say women know how to lay low or rather keep things under the waters until they are sure of their partners’ love and commitment just in case things go south.

Men are always fast to dive into relationships and quicker to reveal their true selves as compared to the other gender. Women are always quick to explain their likes and dislike during the 1st stages of dating but take time to unveil their pasts and most importantly their “demons”.

Experts say that when you love someone, you don’t need to be defined by them or what they think of you. Everyone got their lives so it’s best to live yours and let your partner live his!

Anyone in a relationship will know that there’s ‘no manual when it comes to navigating the waters of love. You can take any direction. You can follow the unwritten manual or you can as well invent your own. It’s always sexy to be unique when it comes to navigating these sweet waters of love.

When is the right time to let air lose (fart) before your boyfriend, when is it acceptable to dress before your partner, when is the right time to be you and tell your partner “look I always dance naked”, I pick my nose, I eat from the sufuria most of the times and I can take the drivers’ seat if you want me to.

For some, it takes 2 years, others 6 months, and a few weeks. It all depends on one’s flexibility and comfortability.

Gone are the days when people used to be in boring relationships. You have to create your happiness. What if your partner might live long by just watching you dance naked in front of the bathroom mirror? What if you fart could this be his lifetime vaccine.

You never know. It’s high time to get off that fear and find happiness in the silly things you do.

Farting before a partner is quite difficult especially when you guys are starting but it becomes normal when you’re dating your friend. Sometimes the silent ‘bombs’ don’t work out as planned either and you always be left feeling embarrassed. Farting in front of your partner should be kind of a mastered art.

Sometimes push his head under the cover and let air loose and let your heart out. You’re not in prison!. You’re human. It’s okay to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen while dropping the bomb’ in small bits. You’ll be surprised at how he’s laughing back at your selfless character.

He’s your guy, why shy from dressing before the mirror while doing little tricks here and there. It’s quite difficult for many when starting but once you are dating a mad person like you, you won’t have to be of sound mind Mama.

Those moves you make might be what he wants to see daily. Chances are he’s never seen your beautiful body because you always do it in the darkness! Let him see what he settled for. Be bold of your stretch mark.

The first weeks of dating are always difficult for us ladies. You aren’t sure if he’ll stay or not. What if you bring out the best in you while making love and he walks out the door as soon as you wear your pants. For how long are you going to be a salamander in bed? See if he’s going to stay, he definitely will.

Wear that bitchy face and do what you do best. After all, even if he decides to walk away you both enjoyed it. Imagine him walking out on you and you didn’t even enjoy that sex the last time you had it. Quite painful right!

Take the drivers’ seat and lead on the road. Men love it that way. If you choose to be the salamander then it’s up to you. It’s high time you be you. Some people got married after having sex on a first date and some were left five years after dating. Choose your devil and study him well.

The bottom line is being you.

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