To the ones we cannot fix but will always be there for you

I know, I can’t solve all of your problems or bring back together with your insecurities or fold them in a draft, and keep them at bay. I can’t heal that deep pain or wound that eats you up at 3.56 am on a Wednesday night or gather your thoughts in a box and string them together or even align your worries together in one sentence, I can’t.

I cannot promise to fix you because maybe you just want to feel that way at that moment. Changing who you are at that moment will be ripping a part of yourself that you deserve to feel.

You don’t feel like talking about it, I get it. You don’t feel like answering that call or go to that meeting? It’s fine. You don’t feel like texting back immediately, you probably don’t feel like meeting up with that friend, really, don’t push yourself. Maybe all you want to do is sit and do nothing but to dwell in your sorrows for a minute, two days, a week, take your time.

Sometimes fixing isn’t all you want, and sometimes the power of fixing you is not in me so instead I’ll be there for you, see you through your terrible bad days, listen to you all day cause what more than an unpaid therapist, take you to a place you can curse and shout your lungs away without any judgment or weird eyes, try and lie to you that it’s going to be okay even though you are far from being okay.

Sing to you my terrible voice cause it might help you forget about your depression for a minute, take you out to eat junk even though you’ve been on a no-sugar diet and all through even though I will not fix you one thing is for sure, I will be there.

I can’t call to the heavens and arrange for them to wash your worries away. I, unfortunately, don’t have the universe contact, or whoever’s up there pulling strings. I can’t control what happens to you and your life but I can be here when shit hits the fan and I will be.

I won’t try to lighten your darkness or steep happiness into your sadness like its tea in boiling water. I’ll be here though, will always be if that’s the only thing you’ll want me to be. Yes, even though I will not be able to fix you I’ll be here for you.

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