Consequences of Poor Hygiene in Men

A while ago a guy I kinda liked came to my house. He is always nice. We talk once in a while, quite a mentally mature person, but my nose couldn’t handle the stench that filled up my bedsitter. It smelled like he hadn’t showered for a day or two and had put on sweaty clothes.

Those were quite a long 10 minutes and when he finally left I had to open my windows and door wide open less I wanted to die.

I know I’m not the only one who runs to open windows once a guy leaves my house or sprays air freshener right after because my nose can’t handle it.

I happened to hang out with the same guy, he was well groomed and smelled good. But the whole time he talked, my focus was in his mouth.  

I saw a buildup on his teeth right close to his gums, not stain, build up like he doesn’t own a mirror (most of them don’t and when they do they are ridiculed by fellows for being gay).

Hygiene and grooming cuts across dear men, it will just affect so much in your life.

Here are 5 consequences of poor hygiene in men;

  1. Poor Dating Life.

Personal preference: if your hygiene is not on point, you can’t even make it on the list!

Good grooming makes the opposite sex comfortable around you. Your crush will want to hug you a little longer because you smell fresh.

Your sex-life will bloom if you put in a little extra effort in the hygiene department.

Whilst picking fruits from the grocery stall everybody runs for the clean, freshly looking one to munch on.

If you wanna be perceived as tasty, you definitely wanna look tasty.

The next time you hit on that girl you like and she says no, and you think you’re ugly, no you are not. Have you tried upping your dental hygiene clipping your nails, trimming/cleaning your hair, a shower, deodorant and ironing your clothes?

2. Low Self-esteem.

Imagine being at an event, then an official approaches you to take a card to the managing director of a company you desire to work with. You look at yourself and your shirt is torn, wrinkled and generally, you look unkempt and shabby; your confidence goes down a few steps.

Leaving your house knowing you put in effort and you look like the boss of your universe would definitely sprinkle in confidence on you.

It doesn’t have to be expensive; a thrifted less than a dollar t-shirt looks like a million bucks when ironed. A clean pair of regular denim jeans beats a designer pair with a dirty hem any day.

3. Awkward Social situations.

With a stinky breath and sweaty stench, who would want you in their immediate physical space.

Making new friends will be difficult, you will feel isolated and mostly a topic of gossip.

Your friends may constantly make hygiene jokes on you making you uncomfortable.

To avoid instances like a new person you just met twitching their nose after you hug them, good hygiene needs to be a priority.

4. Lost Opportunities.

Truth is people judge a book by its cover, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Your boss will definitely pick your well-groomed counterpart over you.

With poor hygiene men loose so many opportunities because they don’t look the part.

Obama’s intellect aside, I don’t think he would have been voted in if he always wore dirty sneakers.

5. Hygiene Related Illnesses.

Poor hygiene is one of the causes of Athletes foot, body lice, diarrhea, cavities, head lice, pubic lice and so much more.

Germs spread in the body causing illnesses that will cost extra cash to treat.

To prevent all these illnesses caused by germs you need to love water, keep your dental, physical, sexual and space hygiene on 100%.

Here are the basics to upping your hygiene game.

  • Brush your teeth and tongue daily.
  • Take a bath every day.
  • Wear clean ironed clothes.
  • Wear deodorant.
  • Groom your nails and hair.
  • Wash and let your feet air out frequently (to prevent sweatiness).
  • Trim pubic hair and clean pubic area
  • Clean your space.


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  1. It’s quite an eye-opening article.Most of the guys tend to shy away from this topic and it’s great how you have assembled together every single aspect of hygiene in men, bringing to the open how it affects their day-to-day life. With such a clear revelation, let those that are smart enough take your advice. Splendid work.

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