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Did I just make a swoop?
In a hot soup a little messier than poop?
Why me? At this tender age of mine?
I don’t think I deserve the cold treat
Not when am this full of pomp
Not when I’ve known no cold hearts in life

But why does he live like he doesn’t care?
Gone are the days, when he could say “I just called to hear your voice”
Now am this hapless, nothing but hopeless
It ain’t over yet, I try to console myself
Just because he hasn’t asked for a break
He may come back hot

Before then, I’d rather brace for a break up
Before it gets nastier
Look, what else is ahead?
Do I keep waiting when the grass is greener on the other side?
Not me? It ain’t a thing for the Chacha’s
Dude come clear or you lose me

by Domnick Ndinya


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6 thoughts on “I’M SINKING

  1. Am also a lover of poetry and I can say the piece is good.
    However you at some point missed the flow.

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