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“ Ooh you are grown,” first words ,first site
I had to, after ten years; I wasn’t to be as I was
She too is grown, I got no man looks, and she is a woman
But I stand a height above her that am proud of
We keep staring at ourselves
Occasionally ‘ caught ‘ stealing glances
All that I’ve shared with her reminisces
My dirt ,my thoughts ,some that I rethink
Even those that we are set for
That which we are up to ,is sweet
Sweetness in waiting
She ‘ has it all ‘ from my eyes

At last I finally get to see him
He who had curved his name in my world
Everything about him was as I had pictured
He is so grown only that he is still young
No boss but he vibrates and can command attention
Good listener and speaker with lots of energy to go around
He has a unique aura, not like any other that I have encountered
A stolen glance or two trying to read his mind
Should I or should I …….?

How am I even to answer this?
You should, you don’t have a reason not to
Have you any?
None at all

By Domnick Ndinya

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