Our environment tommorow is our future

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When the future becomes too tired to even blink
It gives up it’s brightness and like a night with no moon it looses it’s safety
It becomes a contaminated water, impossible to please a flock
To gain it’s favor one more time it needs a cleansing
That it may gain it’s lustre and once great appeal
Through pollution we have made the blindfolded future a place not to be
It’s in the darkness surrounded my liers pretending to be speaking of its beauty
Yet they are the masters of modernization who claim to embrace conservation and clean air
Which are all false statement already unfolded and in public manifested
Year in year out they sit in round tables speaking of how to protect the ozone layer
Yet no action is taken since they are the same perpetrators
Did they forget that faith without action is dead
And that prayers without medicine may not heal a bruise?
Let’s be open to our future and boldly tell her how hard we are fighting the miseries of today that may make it unpleasant for tomorrow’s mankind
Let’s tell her the truth than rather sing praise songs where dirges ought to be sang
Let’s no cheat ourselves for we are the future for our future
It begins with an acknowledgement and an acceptance confession
With that we may find a better way to heal the future
We may have our minds accept our apologies that they may open up to let us find the best way to tame our environment from becoming our enemy
When the wise tell us the future lies in our hands we think that it is a scar?
No it is a sight, something you see in dreams and day dreams alike,
The guitar is on our custody and the tune to be played depends on how better we have practised
For when we have been in slumber without no knowledge of how to pluck the stings we will no doubt cut the strings
The guitarist is me and you and them and the guitar is our future, our environment, our wildlife and the strings are the strategies we have in place
Spark a fire or quench the heat!

 ©Julias Arkadi

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