She woke up to a sound of a baby crying. At first she thought it was a mere dream but on waking up and listening closely, it was real and it was happening. The sound was so intense and the baby was crying so bitterly such that any sane person awake at that time of the night could hear it.

She quickly switched on her bedside lamp and reached for her phone to check the time…2:30 AM. She sat on her bed wondering who could have dropped such a young baby by her door step at such time of the night and why. Slowly she stood, heading towards the door lamenting so bitterly.

“who could be that? And why would they choose me?” she murmured.

She took a deep breath and opened the door, so tensed and shaken. There was no baby only her shoes that she forgot at her doorstep when she checked in late so exhausted. She couldn’t believe her eyes and for a moment she thought her own eyes and ears played her.

“But I heard a sound of a baby crying or something close to that, or was it a dream? ” she thought.

She went in to get her phone. She couldn’t find the damn phone, a time that she really wanted to call her immediate neighbor to confirm her fears. She searched through her bedroom only to realize the whole time she was holding the gadget in her sweaty hands.

“damn phone!” she lamented.

“ hey brad are you awake? And by any chance did you hear a sound of a baby crying?”

“Actually I was almost calling you. I saw you talking to yourself outside and wondered what might have happened. Are you high or something because that is so unusual of you”

“You haven’t answered the damn question boy”

“Ooh sorry, I’ve been awake all through and I haven’t heard anything not even a sound of a pin dropping”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes I am. What’s the problem? You seem restl…

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