No one heard her screams,
The deafening noise inside the mansion,
The drunk ones shouting,
Her voice was like a pin drop inside a hollow.
Blue and red lights on,
Walls filled with her name
Decos of ribbons
Pictures of her all over,
And a projector showcasing her life since she was a kid.

SWEET 16..a billboard on the left wall read,
She was so happy,
Her photos reflected the light in her eyes,
The zeal she had about life,
All her dreams pinned on some wall,
Her dad breathing his last breath in a room opposite the one her captor was torturing her,
She hated it,
She wished her mom was alive,
It was disgusting that she was under a total monster whom she thought was a friend.

From time to time he’d scream into her ears,
He’d ask her not to say a word or her dad was dead.

She knew her life was over,
This was how she’d become a woman.
She was going crazy,
Until this,
She always hated to watch news on how underage girls conceived.
She was now a victim of rape.
Nothing she could do about it.
No one to her rescue.

The monster pulled out his last thrust,
Dressed up,
Left poor baby crying her heart out,
It had all happened so fast.
Suicidal thoughts running her way,
But she couldn’t leave her dad alone,
She collected the little pride she had left,
Cleaned up her bloody thighs,
Put her gown back on,
Did her make over,
Left for the other room.

She felt his temperature,
He was cold,
She checked his pulse,
No heartbeat,
She opened his eyes,
Red from struggle,
She held his arms,
They had fallen from the bed,
He lay there, LIFELESS
Like a dead lion,
He had died fighting,
She stood there in awe,
Unable to do anything but scream.
She was shaking,
Luckily for her,
A worker was on her floor checking if everything was in order,
She lay there as he ran into the room,
Called an ambulance,
Trying his best to calm her,
She needed someone,
I walked up to her on the side walk,
The ambulance disappeared,
She looked into my eyes and the tears wouldn’t stop,
I wanted to be strong for her but I could read her pain,
I couldn’t stand it.
But I saw the blood,
It was on the side of her white gown,
She grasped,
I had known,
She pointed at her monster and said,
“Take the justice from his hands. I’m not the only one.”
She collapsed on my shoulder,
Her life was taken too,
But her soul and her heart were so alive,
Alive with pain,
Alive with embarrassments,
He had torn her apart,
I knew what to do,
I couldn’t shine the light to everyone
But I’d end the darkness upon the innocent.

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