Asked to describe your year,you wouldn’t dwell much on your tribe
You’d probably scribble the little that you tried,during your high
The little that you thought would kill you,and deals you never sealed
Turned out to be feelings you could maintain on your heel
The tears ,you now look back and laugh so hard
The joy you once experienced,now you got tears of joy
Past that can never be changed,pain that can be erased
Lust that could change,faith that once saved
Memories you cant afford,peace you once longed for
Treasures you’d dig all year again ,hidden secrets untouched
Then you met angels .Devils too
Souls you could cry to at midnight,spirits you could talk to at dawn
Seats that were left empty ,vacuums you couldn’t resist
Happy moments you wish you could feel them twice
Smiles too expensive to price them once
Little joys that took your breadth away
Tears that had to crawl through the smile
Crappy moments that forced you to use your faith
Low key times you were forced to kneel,seek and find
Dark shades of gray that had no say or pay
Underneath your breadth,lays truth that only you could accept
Lessons you couldn’t believe you would learn
Rain drops that hit the bottom of your heart
Beats that sparkled you up,rays you could write poems under
Laughter that brought pain,love that blossomed
Blossomed to pain,painted your timid eyes
Gave you new strength,enough for your near days
love child,you thought you didn’t deserve
In his eyes ,he reserved every chance
Just to make you shine a little bit better
He called you perfect.

Vivian Khanyanje

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