Silence;tale of the lost hope

A silent boy
Suffers from the rejection of his own people
When he bravely told them of his darkest secret.
What he has been feeling for the longest time
Has now come face to face with the harsh truth of reality.
Living with it seems impossible for the world
But he is determined to change it, to live and make his future
Or watch his hopes die on the people he thought he had loved.

It is hardly possible for his people to accept
The fact that he’s different
But they want to shape him for the worst,
A future he is not determined to live in.
Now, he’s torn

Behold, darkness.
The horrors.
The haunts.
What are we afraid of ? He who holds the keys, trapped inside his fears
Trying to break out of the prickly, steel reinforced walls.
Hide away,
Beautiful tragedy,
What life does he hold?
Tears of unhappiness.
Whatever he wishes for, are all destroyed.

He has seen the devil
A demon living inside him
Feeding on his worry
Seeks freedom, to destroy
A beautiful soul, mind and body
Will there be a survival?
Will there be an exit?

By Blair Richard

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