Let us acknowledge education as our hero

Let us acknowledge education as our hero
The only mortal savior of primitive stage zero
When we admire the high class walking on glass
Yet brutally we were forced to quit our class
And do you know what’s even worse?
Certificate became the password to the society
Our sister died of pain of education in anxiety
Just to fit the curvy of illiteracy and glorified top ample
Yet our learned own keep on to advertise apple
May we take a moment of silence
Silence to honor souls of books and pens that were forced to absence
To our own surprise we’ve been surprised to uniforms
As ink of different colors mark our progress forms
Hero’s are born amongst us but when they, they forced us outtah class, hey they made hero’s
Claps as we acknowledge those who are now RIP
Let’s puts our hearts together for souls that were from us reaped
Together as a statue we stand still to remember the souls
As we keep in mind the pens we lost
Let the ink be stained in our hearts
Education is our hero

I know how this pains,
For the vast souls are innocent ones,
Does the world really harness,
Coz it’s becoming too much for us,
we weaker ones with nothing but tears,
Listen to thy cry people,
African lives are at stake,
Children treated like slave,
no mercy, brutality is their theme,
Listen oh listen, eee

Now you so know,
with unity let’s stand & grow,
we neither throw, blow nor vow,
Let our motion reach y’all in dow,
protecting our freedom & rights we all know,
so say no to all this show

Killing ain’t our norm,
Treat them equal and go,
Education is the key,
peace and unity are the catalyst to this war,
All stand toe to toe,
Fight for all these violated rights,

Ooh a brighter day is seen in the morning
How is the light seen while ‘we’ are mourning
Our hearts full of sorrows
Tears on cheeks in their rows
Yes, there is bright
With routine colors of skin and light
But ‘we’ afrikanas, dark, black and dull as they percept
Let us acknowledge our hero, education
Power, leadership, intelligence, knowledge, education is the horse
Beauty, glitters without knowledge is empty soul
Education is our right
For in it our future is bright
A torch of academic brilliance
And backbone of inner resilience
Education is our hero

For its importance made some dismissed
Because it is the light of our life
A gift of academic rife
For they dwell in our hearts just to give our tomorrow a sounding security
To help us in our future earning
A better safeguard of liberty
Than a standing army
That helps acquire all our possession
Since it is the mother of all profession
A ladder that takes us to the height where we belong
They fought to unlock the golden door of freedom
And to stage our rise to stardom
Let’s stand to fulfill our sisters and brothers affinity
To what gives us thinking a difference appearance
And helps drive away all our ignorance
A glue that joins our dreams like a suture
Education is our right
It is the mother of all profession.

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