The less you care about people’s perception, the happier you will be

It’s a strange time we are living in right now,where people ain’t satisfied with what they have.Why this scenario ? Is it comparison ; comparing ourselves to everyone ,in this subtle fake social media world we live in? Never fitting enough because another will always be better in some areas?

Comparison is the true paradox of joy.If you ain’t grateful for who you are and what you have,you will forever remain unhappy.There is always going to be someone better than you,have more than you do and even better looking than you.

If you always comparing yourself to others,sad truth is you will always fail.One important thing other people will never have is YOU,because they ain’t YOU and your greatest asset is that you are unique,that will deter people from perceiving you as a liability,as a burden,only when you accept your uniqueness.The less you care about people’s perception about you,the happier you will be.

Unhappiness and depression comes when you focus on what you do not have,instead if we appreciate what we do have and focus on where we do want to be,we will surely have the intra-personal peace instantly.

Appreciation is the single most powerful way out of depression or any loosing strings state.Life always throws challenges and obstacles your way.Keeping this in mind,you then can understand on an intellectual level,that depression and anxiety does not have to be permanent.

Comparison is also another big issue especially in this kaleidoscopic era with the increase in social media and amazing revelation of filters that make one look like supermodel and also applying filters to camouflage their lives to impress people on their social media pages.World’s happiest individuals do not compare themselves to people ,rather they run their own race and they are happy for all others to run theirs.

Happy people are not the best in everything but they have the best of everything.This life is not a movie-things will never go as planned.One of the fastest ways out of depression is to create a compelling future and a greater purpose for your life.

By Annete Gondi

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