Why the university is a dating market

The university is the final institution of learning. Yet it could be much more than that. It could just prove to be the ideal market for those in search of a spouse. Why? Because it offers you variety.

Variety in both men and women. Variety of character both genuine and plastic.
The university is also that place that hardly judges you for being in a romantic relationship with the opposite sex.

Most of us come from a very strict cultural and religious upbringing. Being spotted with a lady or a gent in a compromising kinda situation would earn you a reprimand. Yet the cushion of campus life gives the very rare opportunity to breed Cross-gender relationships with ease.

Most of us have discovered their rare sexual orientation here. Whether straight or gay, there is always one of your kind available and the routine is so usual that you could always find time for your co-curricular activities.

Rooms not only double up as humble abodes but also romantic parlors. If these hostels could speak, then my tale could have that missing bit of erotic flair that we all understand it implies.

Not all relationships involve going against the grain. Campus also offers the traditional intra-cultural romance as well as intra-religious relationships based on the strict denominational prescriptions.

Here all theories of ethnicity are tested in whatever extremes. Campus provides the ideal “Lab environment” for the testing of such hypotheses. The result could be commenting on one’s ethnicity
or liberalizing one’s ethnic ideologies.

The stigma of being in a string of relationships is also rationalized on campus. A lady can have more than three different boyfriends at a time in a semester.

A guy on the other hand may date more than six at the same time, for different purposes. Though this may be considered deviant from the angle of our cultural doctrines, its high prevalence on campus cannot be assumed. Just as one learns to keep a partner at a time, so could one learn to keep several partners at a time.

There have been several relationships that have spanned and survived beyond campus life, Culminating into lovely families. There have been also life lessons in dating that have left scars in the lives of others who end up opting to remain single. Runaway dads are also on the rise as soon as the lady becomes pregnant.

Abortions have also provided an image of both paranoia on one hand and the extreme heartlessness in some of us on the other hand. These double up as lessons that are bound to influence our decisions on relationships in the future.

Even though the player’s nest may be inevitable to brush shoulders with once in a while, it would not be prudent to put yourself out there and learn the hard lessons of life whenever you can.

This is however not a call to adopt loose morals. Far from it, its a call to live your life based on personal decisions that do not influence your parents.

It is a platform to gauge your measure of maturity against that of others. You could seize it with caution, keeping in mind that it could see you perish or attain prosperity. The decision is in your hands.

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  1. It’s so hard getting a faithful partner in campus and also its so hard getting a marriage partner after campus so where should one start to date?

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