There are so many definitions of the word ‘love’;Some say love is an intense care towards another person.Others would also say it is caring attraction towards someone.All in all, where there is love there should be affection.

I believe that most of you have given love and received love.And has the ability to understand love.Well,some have succeeded in this  so called love and have their lives blossoming with the water of romance and affection.For others,the same love has been a hell of nightmares full of frustrations,bitterness and pain.

These people even go to an extend of commiting suicide all in the name of love.
There have been many reports of suicides based on frustrations of heartbreakes majorly among the youth.It is saddening that love which should give life glamour,ends it.Is that still love? We should know how to sieve deceit in form of lust from love.

Lust transcedes tragedies both physically and emotionally.

Deceit in relationships are what makes love hurtful.For instance,you meet a guy who is so perfect,promises you everything including being faithful and you get clouded with his affection,you sink into the seams of their romance ,but later realise that everything he said or did were just prevarications and that he never meant any.

In connection to this,why would one pretend to love so much when in real sense they do not see themselves forever in someone.

One of the worst things that you can do to someone that truly loves you is come into their life,make them believe that you are completely into them and then leave.

People are not playgrounds where you can go and play with their minds,heart and emotions.If you think that playing with people’s feelings is fun then it better starts dawning on you that you are having a wrong type of fun.

Try respecting other people’s feelings and emotions then you will know real fun.And to remind you Karma is real.

                                  BY: Annete Gondi.

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