I dreamt of what life had to give in return for it’s bitter favours
And behold a reason to smile for it was pain one more time
So when I was done grinding teeth and seeking company of my tears
I shall stand of heights and proclaim of what I learnt the other way
-obviously not by smiles-

I shall rise forth driven not by tears nor fears
I shall cruise life and in it’s slightest sights gain trust of savour gratitude
I shall seek the moon for it’s beauty worth a stare and it’s innocence adopt
And when daylight sweeps through the face of the earth with pride I’ll learn to be brave and thankful
Till then days shall be pregnant and bore moons and in the full presence of might win wars

Mama and Papa danced to the stars
A thousand nights seeking the convince of nature
And in that they won the bid to be strong; for us and for the life against us
Like a consul to the school of thought, they fought of the favor to us:
Life bold and fulfilling for it was all of a bid to give and with two arms received!


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