Be you , they will eventually catch up

Having to exist in a world where you are defined by how you look, how you speak, your weight, your skin color, is tiring. It’s something that every day someone somewhere will forever have an opinion about. Fragile hearts get bruised in seconds, and people who act like it doesn’t get to them, it slowly kills them.

Having an insane thirst to look like that model or get a celebrity body. Seriously though, who cares? Everybody will have an opinion about your short dress, your father might be against your long black and pretty locks, even your boss will tell you how to dress.

Your three-year acne journey will attract stares, your dark skin will come out different, and your scars will be defined by people who have no clue about the stories behind it.
Everybody will have an opinion about you, the same way you have an opinion about others, but is it that hard to let someone exist and live the way he or she pleases?

Is it such a hard thing to let someone exist in the colors they find meaningful? My words will never drive the point home so I’ll change this narrative.

Be youself. That black short dress, wear it with pride. Repeat your favorite pair of shoes for the seventh time this week. Embrace your race and blackish back.

Love your body whether you’re skinny or curvy as long as you’re comfortable, I don’t think anybody should have a say in it. If it makes you comfortable then it’s worth living, having, wearing, and most importantly be youself.
If you don’t know what you stand for or believe in, society will give you something to believe in. But you can start by believing and being confident in who you are with what you portray.

Trust me they will adjust to your rhythm. Be authentically you. With who you are, what you want, what you believe in, protect these tiny bits that make you, like its sacred cause that is your identity, and if you can’t stand up for yourself who else will?

I am here rooting for you. It’s a short life; you might as well make it count.

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