The truth is we outgrow those who don’t know how to love us

Not a sad truth,more of a comfortable truth because at the end of it all you get to win and what more than an overflowing self acceptance and growth.

We outgrow those who do not take us as who we are. We cannot change for everybody not even for you. As we present ourselves to the world, majority might or might not accept the way we are, how we present our ideas and views and we cannot do much but simply outgrow them.

We outgrow people who are not willing to understand us for who we are. Understanding people is underrated. We outgrow them because there are other people out there willing to understand us in a much more deeper state and much more broader way and so we outgrow them.

We outgrow people who are good at putting us down,be-llitlling us, and inviting sadness in our lives. Life is much more than feeling all empty and full of disappointment. We outgrow them because energy and vibes are contagious and we for sure know the best of what we want and its definitely not misery.

We outgrow people who break us into tiny little pieces without them actually knowing. Being self aware will save you so much before your actions embarrass you. These little pieces might take a while to get back to being whole but until then we outgrow these kind of people.

We outgrow people who do not build us in any way. We cannot be giving it all out and not gaining from the outside. The more we push you to be of value the more we hope you take two steps ahead. We out grow people who drag us back three steps behind.

We outgrow people who have a load amount of ego and pride to apologize, to accept mistakes, to accept correction, to accept the truth. When time finds you and you’re ready for all that, well and good. Until then we outgrow you.

We outgrow fake friendships and toxic relationships and any relationship thats messing with your mental health. The kind that is not giving you a chance with peace, the kind that is not true to yourself.We outgrow them.

We outgrow people who are not sure of us or even themselves. You can know what you want, be consistent and pursue it, also you can feel all lost and not know what you want in a person or in life. Until you find yourself, we’ll outgrow you.

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6 thoughts on “The truth is we outgrow those who don’t know how to love us

  1. If you learn to balance the energy you have on people around you,outgrowing them will be as easy as undressing.I can only change who i am for myself.
    Take me as i am, not who i was or who you think i am.

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