Stop thinking quitting is a bad thing

Sounds unrealistic even to me.

A part of this is somewhat true. Some days quitting sounds so unrealistic since we are hooked to the idea and fact that what we have is there to be. That without holding on to someone or something we see ourselves drifting and not being stable, not being certain. But what if quitting this one particular thing that we’re holding on to is the only safe space and a safe passage that is presented to us in the form of an option. Some days it is just too overwhelming and the more we think about it , the more we drift to a point where quitting is the only option.

I hope you quit that bad job that you wake up every morning regretting and leaving there feeling drained enough to not work on yourself and your own goals and your ambitions. That job that people don’t really seem to appreciate you no matter how much you self sacrifice yourself and cross oceans for them.

That job that no one appreciates your effort despite doing everything right. The pay must be good right? But are you happy, like really honestly happy with yourself? You can quit. There is a better place that will take in your effort and appreciate you for who you are. Take your energy someplace else. This is the 21st century It’ll be worth it.

I hope you quit on people who you have given multiple chances to prove you wrong but never have. People you hope to change since the very first day you met but day one isn’t really different from the present.

You can quit on people who literally are a distraction in a bad way. Your friendships and relations, deep down you know how toxic they can get. What’s stopping you from quitting on them and deciding you need better?

I hope you quit on your own terrible bad behaviors that only you can put a name to. There is forever time and space to change, change to be better. Might take a long time but starting is always the hard part.

Quit on that bad food in your favorite restaurant. Quit on that noisy library. Quit on terrible music that doesn’t touch your soul. Quit on him or her, you’ve done your best. You can quit on the past and the misery and regret that keeps haunting you. It’s not an easy path but it’s worth taking it nonetheless.

Stop thinking quitting is a bad thing. If it brings you harmony, happiness, and peace then it’s worth quitting on. Find the holes in your life that sabotage you without you even noticing and put a stop to it. I’m not going to quote it but I hope you quit on everything that doesn’t take your breath away and that you won’t lie to satisfy someone. I hope you don’t feel terrible to demand more and better, know your worth.

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