Seek the last laughing slug’s tar- marked satiety
Bold and conspicuous maybe just a dim;
not of the infiltrated course
Embrace the aura of mystery that flow in lustred cords
That when moon time comes,
You may hasten the silence and cry with pure tears
For that ‘s a life’s course; rough and smooth,
depending on the side the rain catches you on

And if your beauty must comprehend a tomorrow
Seal your pride moments with an easy fate
That in your beauty still I may find my portion
And long regards to my fierce past
Of how with unmatched might I cruised a fate
Winning a twice appraised quixotic lottery
And a thousand nights of freedom backed honour
To have you for my own!

Then in that though harsh a move seemingly,
Your eyes may open and a three pierce look adapt to
For the time we spend in cuddling
May drum a thousand yes to convince the unbelief in you
That the best of mine I gave
And not till time passes and moments begin to fade
None may haunt nor seem a disturb
Or the sun shall be cardinal to thee

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