Fall in love with the person who has seen you through your worst and even when you are all cracked and dull, he or she still accepts you for who you are and what you have to offer on your heavy days.

Fall deeply with the person who resonates with your moods and ungrateful attitude.The person who can well describe you just by the mention of your name or maybe your scent. The person, who inspires you to be your best, encourages you to chase your dreams, motivates you, and even though this seems normal with you, it’s outstanding.

Someone who roots for you with every little detail in your life. Someone who gives you unconditional love through your journey, still calling it the norm? This is genuine love.

Fall in love with the person who has seen you broken, shattered, closed off, depressed, angry silence, someone who has seen this messy side of you and still waits by your side. Seen you through the nursing of your heartbreaks and daily breakdowns of your wild anxiety that can’t let you settle. Friendship? This is some rich love.

Someone who understands that you’re weird and is content with it, understands your thoughts even though sometimes it’s just an act. They accept you for who you are , no stereotypes, no racism, gender fan-based e-qualities, labels, you’re you and they get it without questions.

The person who makes ordinary days feel extraordinary, to knowing your fears, hopes, and doubts pushing you to the limit even though your chance of falling is this close. Someone who knows you better than yourself and still sticks around.

People tell you it’s risky, you’re crazy to fall for someone close to you that its messy and heartbreaking. Truth is they are the ones who will love you the deepest because they have proven their loyalty and comparison without their knowledge. It’s probably something you deserve but above all will cherish and engrave it.

So, go for it, jump in blindly probably with both feet. Even though it’s scary, even though there’s a massive chance everything will go wrong and the universe does not have your back.

Being afraid to lose them is how you’ll know they are worth fighting for. What could possibly go wrong? Are you losing them? How, yet you can fight for them. The only loss is you looking back and having nothing but regret in your eyes.

Amidst this you’ll have experienced the joy of having a forever person, you wouldn’t be wishing, you’d be living the real fairy dream because no one will love you like someone who already knows how to. If you don’t have this kind of best friend then maybe you can be the best friend.

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