In that hot afternoon, standing in the middle of the bathroom, cold water from the overhead shower dripping on her head, cascading down to her pretty derriere, she wondered if any moment could ever be as electrifying.

How he had cast a spell of life to her already dead fantasies. How he had held her, just how she wanted. How he nibbled her ears whispering sweet nothings. How occasional groans escaped his mouth, to her bewilderment.

This only happened in her wild dreams and her far-from-achievable fantasies. She’d never been touched as Ben did. His touch sparked sensations in her body. His was a Midas touch. It didn’t just quench her thirst, it pressed all the buttons that had long itched to be pressed eliciting an unfathomable ecstasy.

But it had been in the workplace. And they knew too well what would befall them if they got busted. So they carried their business home. To this bathroom, they were standing in.

Standing right behind her, Ben wondered if things have ever moved as quickly as they were with Ella. He reminisced on the events earlier that day.

Boy, you have hit the jackpot. Ben thought to himself as he lasciviously stared at her.

He had a fetish for ladies of a certain ilk. Hair clipped, not to the scalp, just sizeable enough that the hair strands stood evenly akin to tea plantations. Wore lipstick that bordered close to darkness but still sparkled radiance. Had on earings that had tongues wagging. Donned a dress, grey, that didn’t expose too much cleavage and never extended below the knees. Had a ravishing face, and a rump as ‘mighty’ as to make heads swivel.

And the lady standing before her was a replica of the one in his delusions.

After a short stare, he stretched out his hand to her for a handshake, feeling the tenderness of her palm while at it. She had a palm so soft and smooth, you could mistake it for that of an infant born the previous night.

“Hi, I’m Ben.”
“Hi, Ben. I’m Ella.”

As his mind deliberated what words to utter next, Ben felt like his tongue was tied to Thor’s hammer. With the seconds becoming minutes, the silence was incrementally becoming awkward and worrisome considering he was, obliviously, still holding on to Ella’s hand with his firm masculine grip.

It was their first day at work, both of them. But neither of them knew that, just not yet.

To Ella, Ben was the guy who hit on every lady he crossed paths with at his workplace so she was just part of Ben’s drill.

To Ben, Ella was the lady who he had long itched to meet and now that he had met her, her charm was so irresistible, he had to shoot his shot.

“A sweet name you got there, Ella. The first and the last Ella I knew of was a beautiful lady starring in a television series. But yours surpasses beauty. You are ravishing. Is it a thing of Ellas to be striking beauties?” He asked, his face beaming and his gaze resting on her face.

Who uses words like ‘ravishing’ in casual conversations like this one? Ella wondered.

Chuckling, Ella said, “Perhaps. A sweet name begets a ravishing person, Ben.”

“It is my first day at work. I am trying to create an acquaintance just so I do not lose my way as I head out for lunch, may you be as kind as to tag along?”

“Oh, what a coincidence! It is my first day at work too and I wanted someone to talk to. That makes the two of us. Now, you might want to order food online. It might be tiring looking for a hotel out there unless you are familiar with the streets beyond this wall.”

“No, I am not. Your option is better. My office is right over there; let’s go order for our food from there, shall we?” He said leading the way.

“Of course. Your office it is.” Ella responded.

And off they strut to Ben’s office, the office of the human resource manager.
Conspicuously occupying the center of the office was the exotic Meru oak table and behind it was a shiny black ergonomic chair, apparently for the office owner. On the other end of the table was a grey wing chair, for the visitors.

He had led the way to the office, ushered Ella into his office and quintessential of the gentleman he was, drew the chair slightly away from under the table, and asked her to sit, then crossed the floor to the other side of the table to his chair.

“So, which department are you in?” He had asked, eyes fixed on her.

There was something about Ella that had him staring blankly at her. He was lost in thoughts, wondering who his miracle worker had been, the one who brought to his new job, the lady of his dreams, that when she said she was in the accounts department, he did not hear. He saw her mouth open and move in but he never heard the words she uttered. He imagined mounting him on hers.

They had ordered food via the Jumia app, hers was chicken wings, fries, and a smoothie. As if to send a message that a man is what he eats, Ben had ordered fish and ugali. His machismo was, no doubt, something he took care of. Something he had built over time. And so he had to eat heavy meals, like the one he had ordered.
They ate in silence. Maybe to observe table manners. But that was until Ella confessed that she had never eaten fish.

“Are you kidding me?” Ben asked almost startled.
“I am not. I have never had an opportunity to.”

“Then this could be your opportunity to. Here, have a bite.” He said lifting a piece of it with the fork he held in his hand from his plate to Ella’s plate, first with a little reluctance, as though second-guessing himself. But Ella’s mouth was moving towards the fork. And he knew better than to withdraw. She opened her mouth to let the fork through.

“Oh, how savory!” Ella exclaimed, “How could I have lived all these years and never known fish tastes this sweet.”

“And eating fish makes you as sweet.” The words had escaped his mouth unintended. And he was on the brink of apologizing when she asked that he add her another slice because he was indeed sweet. A different type of sweetness. Not the fish-like. He did like he was asked. Only this time, he made the chunk bigger.

Ben felt a desire to move to the side Ella was. And he sure succumbed to his desires. He got up and moved to the side Ella was muttering incoherently and sat on the table occupying the center of the office.

“I like how your juicy lips move when you chew. I might be tempted to mount mine on yours if we stay here any longer.”

“Then we won’t have to go outside. I think I like you.”

There and then, like a spring that has been let loose, Ben headed for Ella’s lips. And she parted hers with utterly no reluctance. He held her lower lip between his lips and a soft silent moan escaped her mouth. Lips still in contact, he lifted her from the grey wing chair she was sitting on and placed her on the table.

He was now standing his two feet, his tongue exploring the inner depths of Ella’s mouth and his hands stroking her back. He then softly withdrew from her mouth and made her lie on the table. He kept moving her hand all over the body, taking longer at her knockers than other parts of her body. He licked her neck and nibbled her ears as his hand scaled her thighs destined for her crotch.

“We need to stop. I am becoming too loud. We might get busted.” Ella protested amid her ecstasy.

“No. I don’t want to stop. It’s so pleasurable.” Ben resisted.

“Our jobs are on the line, Ben.” She said. her tone more resounding. “We can continue this at home. You don’t want to have a disciplinary case on your first day at work, do you?”

So here they were, in his apartment, in their own space where they dread zilch.

By A.J.O Okoyo

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