Dear Dad,
I know I never waste my energy on you but today I got something to say,
Please stop calling my mother stupid as I listen.
stop criticizing her parental skills as she discipline me,
stop making her feel inferior,
stop mocking her and praising me,
Dear dad, stop upsetting me, I might never forgive you.

Dear dad,

Stop forcing me to beg for your money,
stop treating me like your maid,
please stop disrupting my schedules every day,
stop referring to me as a sinking boat,
dear dad stop annoying me, I already hate you enough.


Dear dad,

Stop yelling at my mum when I am around,
stop trying to make her look stupid when I’m around, I love her, it’s you that I hate.
stop calling me princess when happy and worthless when angry,
stop telling me that we can’t survive without you, stop threatening my life,
dear dad stop testing my patience, I might fail.


Dear dad,

Yes you know me as you say, you know my skin tone but not my heart tune.
you know my name but not my aim,
you know the degrees I am pursuing, not the bridges I am crossing,
you’re familiar with my humility but not my rage,
Dear dad, stop upsetting me,you don’t know me.

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