The prettiest of hearts have been squashed by the most beautiful faces,

The most fertile wombs have been destroyed by the strongest hands,

This is a letter to you my love,

How are you?

Good as usual.

Are you horny?

Only when you wanna sexchat,

Or when your whore is tired of your ass,

Taken dinner?

No worries,

I’ll ask your mama.

Wanna keep the letter short as I can, 

Equivalent to your pipe’s size.

No apologies.

I still love you.

That goes without saying,

But you, 

Leaving me in the rain,


My skin pale yet drowning in the pool,

Is not only unforgettable but also extremely unforgivable,

So easy for you to stab my back,

Then go running to the Blondie for coochie,

Thought my degree was worth something,

Thanks for making use of my services,

Best of hearts end up bitter,

Everyone else that goes by them spits with spite with the first bite,

The black as coal hearts,

The frozen ones,

Run around melting on warm ones getting them dump,

They never dry,

They never heal,

They never trust,

They end up dead by the sea,

Becoming the vulture’s feast.

But yours will be dragged alive,

Cutting through the rocky surface,

Slowly dying and drying out,

Until the once beautiful face, features in a horror movie.

That’s all my Love.

Your dearest broken glass.?

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