9 months ago
You came to this world
10 days now
You are old.
11th hour when he left
It’s me and you,
Two plus 10
12 commandments
To teach you I will.

For nine months
I waited for you.
Everyday I fantasized
Who you will be.
I felt your kicks
And I knew you
Would be anything
A boy or a girl
Then you surprised me
And decided to be a boy.

That boy
In my dreams
I saw you
Even before you came.
And when you came
It was exactly you
A bouncing baby boy
A handsome little man
A proud big cub
Few soft curly hair
(You see mama had
a salon in the womb)
Small eyes
Like black eyed beans
In a pool of milk.
Little cute nose
A small mouth
Like the peck of a little parrot
Pink little lips
Soft chubby cheeks
My abuju buju.
Small ears so listen
When I tell you that you are
Like a perfect portrait
Drawn by Leonardo and Picasso
The only difference is that
God breathed life through your nostrils
I see you sometimes clenching a fist
No fights Miguel, God will fight for us.

When you smile
You smile sweet, peace
Like a piece of candy.
When you fall asleep
You lie perfect
Like the pieces of pizza.

No words to speak now
Yet I can hear you
With your little heart beat
Like a music with notes.
Too much words I can speak
Yet none can describe my love for you
I can see you have fallen asleep
Asleep on my arms
I wish you could see your face
A velvet with beaming radiance.
My heart is calm, you can feel its beat
A perfect lullaby to your sweet dreams
Let me kiss you on your forehead
So that we meet in our dreams.
I love you son Miguel.
From Mum.

By Lucy Apiyo

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