The Me You Created !!

Don’t blame me for what I’ve become.
Don’t get over yourself for something you think I did to you.
Don’t give me the icy eyes.
Don’t cringe on me.

I did what I had to.
You said you had found your genius.
I asked if I was a part,
You looked me into my eyes and said NOTHING!!
After all these years,
I was nothing..
You probably lied about being in your dreams.
Or you probably lied about the part I played in your dreams.
You never said it.
But I know that I was the one that never stayed.
The one that had to leave for some reason.
Like give you ‘space’.
I crowded your filthy apartment.

I trusted you but gave me reason not to almost immediately.
Well,I wanna thank you.
I wanna give you a token of appreciation.
I’m no sadist.
But I rather get tortured in the hand of terrorists.
Fight for my life in a nutshell.
Than come back into your arms.

I find the sounds of gunshots better than your whispers in my ear when making love.
I find peace in explosions than in your cuddle.
Your memories are ice to my soul.
Ever since you left that summer my life has always been in winter.
And you blame me..?
Good thing to turn things back on me.
Good thing cause this token of appreciation goes right into your piss.

You won’t get it now.
But the haunt will get you soon.
You will rot.
You won’t like who you are anymore.
The only solution will be taking a bullet right through your heart.
I want to be there when you do that.
I wanna burry my sorrow.

I’m only one call away.
I wanna be your only witness.

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14 thoughts on “The Me You Created !!

  1. I love the consistency and dedication in delivering ?
    We all want to burry our sorrows, great work

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