Single Parenthood:It’s time we cure this ailment

Marriage was one of the most honored stages in a person’s life. It was considered a taboo for a person above 30 years to still be living under his/her parent’s roof, unmarried. If such a case was encountered, the elderly in the clan did all within their power to make sure the victim was married, even to a very elderly person (for the case of ladies). When your spouse died, the men had to remarry and the women had to be inherited. So it was something unheard of to find a single parent in the society.

But that is not the case today. In our current generation, being a single parent has become the norm of the day. In the preceding generations, people only became single due to cases like; divorce, break-up, abandonment and death among others. And that was only legit if they decided not to remarry.

However, in today’s generation, people Prefer they would rather remain unmarried than be twinned into the morally eroded marriages of today where one can wake up to kill both the spouse and children over a simple misunderstanding. An erosion of our own making.

The worst part is that, they are unmarried but have children!! I wonder if the ladies ever ask themselves questions concerning the fate of the males with whom they get children with. Or does what the constitution say about both parents having equal rights to the children a story of the past? And are we not immorally teaching the younger generation? In fact, what response do we give to our children when they ask about their fathers?

Let’s call a spade a spade. Being single, whether male or female, has become one of the most dreadful diseases. And this disease is slowly devouring our morality without our knowledge. Trust me, the succeeding generations are going to have moral degradation of the highest order, a generation where corruption, killings, theft and the other forms of immorality will be the order of the day.

God created us to multiply and fill the Earth, and that’s only possible if we get married, opposite sexes, and in a holy matrimony. There was only one virgin Mary who gave birth to Christ without sexual intercourse. These single parents of today, your children have their mothers and fathers… It is their right to know anyway…

If we really have our next generations at heart, and if we don’t want to leave our beloved country Kenya in the hands of quacks of our own making, who will bring down our hard earned freedom just because of poor upbringing, then, fellow citizens, we’ve got to join hands and fight and find the cure to this ailment called ‘singleness’. Else, our continued efforts for a better Kenya, are in vain.

By Oketch Hezrone

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  1. Mmmh nice.. It is very interesting and educative too. That’s the bitter truth that everyone has to know.

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