Farmers across the country have been asked to embrace the organic fertilizers as a way of mitigating the climate change in the globe.

Mr. Kavole Churchill,sales director of the Golden Power Crop (GPC) organic farming fertilizer company said the farmers across the country should embrace the use of the organic fertilizer citing that it is a fertilizer which is environmentally friendly.

He was speaking during the official launch of the Agribusiness trade fair in University of Eldoret which saw different companies in agricultural sector showcase their products.

Mr. Kavole Churchill,sales director of the Golden Power Crop organic farming fertilizer.

He said they have been training farmers across the country on the need to use organic fertilizer arguing that excessive use of the chemical fertilizers may affect the soil health and lead to the declining of crop yields and quality of products.

“The GPC fertilizer does not have negative effect on the plant and the farmer’s health and I would like to recommend the farmers to use the organic fertilizers which are environmentally friendly,” said Mr. Kavole.

The GPC organic fertilizer which was introduced to the market four months ago has been embraced by the farmers due to its sustainability.

“For now we have one kind of the fertilizer called GPC organic fertilizer which is whole purpose fertilizer, it can be used in planting as well as top dressing,” added Kavole.

Kavole argued that the fertilizer can be used in all parts of the country even to the asal areas.

The Golden Power Crop Fertilizer can be found in the NCPB outlets across the country and a number of the farmers’ cooperative societies where a bag of 25 kg is cost about Ksh.1700.

Mr. Kevole said the organic fertilizer helps in maintaining the soil health by reducing the level of pollution.

He noted that the organic fertilizer not only saves energy for both animal and machine but also reduces risks of crop failure

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