Granny accused of stealing toilet doors

A granny found herself in jitters today before the Kakamega Law Court as she maintained her innocence on the allegations levelled against her.

Martha Nyongesa,a resident of Navakholo Sub-County is alleged of being in possession of one of eight toilet doors that reportedly went missing on April 29, 2019 at Esumeiya Primary School in Navakholo.
According to reports of prosecution, the door belonging to the said school was found at the home of Nyongesa.

Ms. Nyongesa who appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Erick Malesi denied the allegations, insisting the door was sold to her by Patrick Kabena.

“I was not aware that he sold me a door that had been stolen. He is my villager and I could not imagine of such,” Ms. Nyongesa insisted.

According to Erick Osonga, the deputy head teacher of the school, he was notified of the missing doors by a villager upon which he took an initiative of visiting the school to ascertain the report.
Osonga then notified the head teacher on the same after which they made a report to the area chief .

On June 17, 2019 the head teacher received a call from a villager notifying him that he had seen a blue door at Nyongesa’s home. The head teacher and the area chief then visited the home and found the door in question. Nyongesa was then apprehended at Navakholo Police Post.

Ms. Nyongesa uncontrollably wept before the court pleading not guilty and requested to be considered since she was taking care of her blind husband.

“My husband is old and blind, so I’m the only person who takes care of him. I request the court to hear my plea,” Nyongesa pleaded.

Mr. Malesi asked the probation officer to lodge on an investigation on the same. The case will be heard again on August 7, 2019.

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