Are you wasting your youth on memes?

How many seconds did you spend reading this post?

After reading, how many seconds did you spend laughing at the comment?

How many contacts do you have in your WhatsApp?

How many statuses do you view in a day?

Can you ignore a good meme when it is posted somewhere?

Let’s forget about Facebook, Instagram and tweeter for a second, how much time do you think you spend on just WhatsApp statuses?

I must admit that I laughed the first time I read the comment on this tweeter post that was reposted on WhatsApp, but after laughing I noticed that the abuse, to some little percentage, was necessary to stop Kijana ya TUK from making any other misleading post.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not supporting such kind of abusive comments on posts, but if I were to comment I would say that I hate the post more than I hate the comment.

Social media is evolving into a violent platform where people pick up nicknames for themselves and demoralize or mislead each other in every possible way. Take a look at this other post:

 This is one of the most common memes especially in WhatsApp. Notice that this meme is a question that can manipulate the mind of a lady into thinking that if a lady wishes to be cool or legit as youths say it, then engaging in oral sex is a quick ticket to being legit.

Studies reveal that we check our phones 262 times per day-that is once every 5.5minutes!

Why do I say that we waste our youth on memes? Take a look at this other post:

 Tell me one person you think has benefited from this post? Because I can certainly tell you that at least one lady has felt demoralized and so many viewers have wasted a minute reading and laughing after seeing this post. Let’s take a look at another:

 Who do you think will benefit from this? Yet, someone somewhere, after reading this post will think that suffering in silence is a good thing but the fact is that it will only lead into depression.

Social media, if not used appropriately, will make so many young people waste a lot time reading and laughing at information that don’t add value, and spend less time being creative and innovative. Let me give you one last example:This is a very nice and funny post if you ask me, it is very addictive too. It is the kind of post you will read and immediately go to the next view to see if you can find an equally interesting one.

Now, tell me, how much time do you spend just going through statuses to read and laugh at funny memes?

Social media is not a bad platform, helps big time with education and work, but the amount of time youth spend reading through a lot of unnecessary information is greatly disturbing.

 The next time you log into your favorite platform, remind yourself of the amount of time you spend reading through all of that unnecessary information.

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