Love should be simple. Simple in a way it should not in a minute of your day confuse you on your stand with someone. Simple it should give you peace just at the thought of it, it should make you smile just at the sight of a call or a message, simple it should bring you back home, it should make you feel at home, make you feel at ease, so simple it should calm your spirit just by holding a conversation.

You deserve a simple love, a profound one, an easy kind of love. I’ll have to tell you this but love is not all tears in the middle of the night, love is not the pain that you are so used to, you now label it normal, no. Love shouldn’t be hard, it shouldn’t make you struggle or push you to question your own worth. Never, not in a day should it break and crash you to a point you forget about yourself, about your own individuality or your friends and family, your own existence. 

Label what you wish to label but don’t drink poison just because you’re thirsty. Don’t accept anything thrown at you just because it’s labeled love. Know what you want and be sure to be loud about it. Love is simple, in every aspect of it. Through the bad days, and tears, the long paragraphs and anger, love should still exist, it should be simple. Love should be easy. If it doesn’t make you happy, smile, or laugh through it, it’s not for you. 

See, love is not debatable, love shouldn’t leave you confused and not knowing your stand, love shouldn’t be this hard to describe. love is not labels or any words you feel like calling it, love shouldn’t leave you looking for signs that you should continue, it shouldn’t leave you questioning whether your worth someone’s time. Love doesn’t leave you doubting your interests and quirks and the little nuances that make you or question who you are. love should never make you feel as if you are competing with someone else for it. 

As short and simple as these words are, love should be simple and easy for you and for them. Try too hard and it’s no longer love.  Don’t force or turn it into hardship, it should be simple. Love is not something we have to wonder about or calculate, those we love to exist within our lives in real-time. Carrying their imperfections and burdens and everything that makes them who they are, and we don’t get to question it, because in its wholesome there is still simple pure love that lingers and wanders within the real-time, the present.  

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