A life hack in your 20s

Am still in my early 20’s while writing this and trust me when I tell you that I got no good experience or whatsoever to help a 20 year old maneuver through life with ease .Actually there is just no escape route for a young adult.

Challenges are just inevitable and most of us are either going to lose ourselves during this stage or survive major challenges that will go an extra mile to make us tough in life .I don’t know why am actually writing this ,but let us see how it goes…it could be a life hack(wink).

If you are a young adult and you have existed between 2020-2021 just clap for yourself for pulling through. You must have experienced the adverse stages of life’s harshness.I won’t assume it has been hard for everyone and I definitely don’t know about you but I will just talk about me.

Just like any young person out there, I have experienced life crisis, points when you feel you should just let your guards down and let life take its toll on you whichever way it feels like.

One thing about being a perfectionist, whenever something doesn’t go as planned or as you wished, you are likely to suffer serious anxiety attacks and fears that get so magnifies in your head and all of a sudden you begin feeling like nothing is  going to be right anymore. 2020 did that to me.

The worst  part about such energies, when they manifest, they begin damaging your sanity and the energy begins to spread out and you will either shut yourself in your cocoon or you will begin resenting anything and everyone that you imagine they are against you or after harming you.

Your desire for a peace of mind will compromise your need to pursue goodness in the right way ways.

That worst is shutting everything within you and resolving to reduce your life to 4 walls, always looking happy whenever you are outside with people and die a million deaths while alone. When this manifests to the fullest, it’s a tag of war getting one back to their natural state.

All these out of peer pressure from age mates who could me making steps, people chasing clout on social media, false livelihood, and pressure to start off.

If you have experienced such or anything close to that, you are not crazy, you are just conscious about life progress and it’s something very temporary that we sometimes choose to let it get the best of us.

Being happy and finding peace is an effort that should always start with an individual .Jeremiah 29:11’For I have plans for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future,’

Look at the far you have come just to give up now. Points you thought you won’t cross and here you are, still surviving. Fact about life, if you are not failing, you are not even trying.

Sometimes you have to get the punches for you to understand the enemy’s strategy. What about you try that move, get punched so that you are sure it was the wrong one, than not trying at all. What if it’s the right move and we just chose to ignore it?

Society is full of negativity and you are going to be discouraged so many times by people who never even tried. Trust your gut and take the risk. That one thing you are passionate about and you do with so much ease start it today. Take a break if there is need for one, but never quit.

Trust me we are all going to suck at some point at something. We are not perfect beings and we ae not always going to have it all figured out all the time. Whatever happens, whatever we decide, we will always end up with ourselves no matter how life changes.

The beauty of it all is making mistakes and learning from them, trying and failing .Above all, there is no perfect formula .Just keep on trying. Whatever you do, keep on trying.

Told you I got no life hack, but you choose to read it all .Could there be any that you have picked from this read? I don’t know. You tell me.

Oops! Let me run unfinished errands.

#My thoughts with Cecilia.

2 thoughts on “A life hack in your 20s

  1. Such a motivating post.This is Shakira’s Song “try everything.”in writing.Truly there is no life hack in life.we wake up and kick ass,Walking with a leap of faith that better days awaits us.thanks for cicilia for this piece of work.

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