Trust me when I tell you being different is a curse……. A blessing too. Society gets intimidated by that small tiny aspect, that little tiny detail so tiny it can start up the biggest fire.

As silly as this sounds it’s the truth, the moment you stand up for yourself, the moment you stand out of a crowd, the moment your thoughts are different from most people, the moment you smile instead of cry, you pose nothing but a threat, you bring nothing but your truth that most people aren’t ready to face, aren’t ready to accept, aren’t ready to believe. 

But this is society, changing the norms and practices that have been believed for ages won’t be as easy as these words sound. You’ll be addressing a dead generation of our great grandfathers down to the day one old baby born today. Such a burden!

Here’s the good thing though, you don’t need to address the whole 1972 generation or the 2050 generation to come, they’ll probably be called generation XYZ. Super complicated I can imagine or smarter than our own evolving. 

Playing with these options they’d rather not balance because the difference will be considered chaos. But if you dwell much more on this as my interest insists, you realize everybody is different but it takes courage to admit you are different from the cultural practices that have natured you, Christianity that you still can’t quite get a whole grip of, education that was labeled a basic need, societal changes that will probably never in your life favor your thinking of existence, a routine that is this close to winning because it has messed you real good.

Being different is the new norm. Having something that no one can take away from….I’m not talking about materialistic ventures, more like your mind, your mindset, your reasoning, your identity, your sexuality, your beliefs. 

We follow the crowd too many times we forget our individualities, fear of disappointing people, fear of being judged, fear of being seen as different, fear of people’s feedback, and so much unnecessary fear toppings that do not even matter one bit.

But when you’re different you know the crowd doesn’t influence you that much since it’s simply a beautiful feeling to for once stand on your ground whether you’re being judged or not, whether you’re being seen or not but being satisfied with what you bring to the table even if all it means is simply being you. 

It’s 5.02 am, I’m here arguing with my thoughts about being different and I have to spill these words somewhere. The only issue is it’s a super odd hour for me to be hosting a debate in my head. A debate that whether you want to stand out or not that’s up to you, whether you’re comfortable in the crowd or solo that’s up to you. 

I hope when you read this you get my point, that being different is a gift, embrace it with every vein in your body that screams “we cannot live under peoples shadow, use your voice and be different.” Live it even when people call it madness you sure know that madness is your heaven, your sanity.

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