Wanjiku reminisces on the past, the long gone good old days
When she would look forward to a pay rise
When she would buy more with little
When she would generously treat her family and help her neighbours
But they are long gone, those days
And now, Wanjiku is hurting.
She no longer looks forward to a pay rise, for she has lost all hope
Wanjiku buys little with so much
Wanjiku has been compelled to unfathomable meanness
Wanjiku cries to the government
She whines on Twitter, she cries in media
Wanjiku is hurting.

Empty promises she is given
Empty stomach she has
Mouths to feed and loans to pay
Skin pale like ash
Tongue parched like Chalbi (desert)
The tragedy of government neglect
Wanjiku is hurting

Day by day, month by month
A glimmer of hope she sees
A chance to choose to make it right
To cast wisely when ballot day comes
Meanwhile she clings to her last coin
That will still be claimed
Wanjiku is hurting

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