Having been raised in a ghetto setting, I never saw the best in myself. Sleeping in a single room with my siblings – where we couldn’t fit was the order of the day. Taking a bath for the seven of us was not a walk in the park, neither. We had to wait in turns for others to dress up, one by one – before we could get in the room. Incredible! Constant competition was a norm with food basically then school would be last. Collecting my mind, I wondered why lots of friends liked our home yet it was the last place I would have wanted to be seen. What an irony!

I wondered where God was when I needed Him the most .

I asked why He carried Enoch and left Paul to be beheaded.

Why Job had to be broken while Solomon lavished in his father’s palace.

why the Israelites had to walk through the wilderness yet they were a chosen generation.

How comes Samson with all his strength was defeated.

where did Babylon go to?
why Judas followed Jesus and yet betrayed Him.
Why we praise him in our success but still blame Him for our failures.
God lets us pass through walls not because He is not there but he’d love us to trust Him to put a door right through it.
Its hard to trust but easy to question,complain,grumble on much and compare from time to time. Its never easy to be in victory without faith. So you will understand….,

There’s is someone out there watching over, taking care of you and letting you know that He loves you more than anything else.He wants us to experience His ever surpassing love, He’s fighting for our,children,lives,relationships,health name them…, that’s why;
He let Job suffer only to lift him thrice as much,
Enoch was righteous not to experience death,
Samson did not die alone but almost ended the Philistines race,
Babylon had to be destroyed for Jerusalem to be built,
Jacob had to learn to face his fears and welcome his brother back
Judas betrayed Jesus for our sins to be erased
Saul become Paul and spread the gospel writing books and inspiring the nations,
Yes, we have to be tested to know that all along God loves us so much!

Moses Odhiambo

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