WhatsApp status , a new wave for relationships

I was going through my phone whatsapp status looking at what my contact list had in mind. Well am not the status person or rather before I expose my life to the public ,external factors have to be put in considerations!

Things like my boss who watches my life so keenly as though we are sharing names or my life depends on what I post. Sometimes wonder how my life is becoming boring but am not about to put you through the same.

Back to memes on whatsApp, I realized how you people are desperate and crack chasing on this App. Well not all of you but weeeh this memes have become a thing to hint on our love lives.

You can tell whose been cheated on, the one who has found love and the ones fighting. It’s all open. There are no more low key love. Guilty as charged ,in fact everyone should be sentenced to life imprisonment. But why wouldn’t you?

My buddy Manuh once told me he broke up with this chick because she wanted him to post her and screen shot the viewers to her. A lot of semantic there but when did whatsapp become an SI unit to measure how much someone values their partnership.

“Imagine anadai mimi nimpost kisha I screenshot plus to see the people who inboxed me reacting to that photo?” exclaimed Manuh.

How can you be this insecure so we now can’t enjoy an app without chaos? Since when did but wait and why did Manuh refuse to post this pretty fancy of his. Well can’t stop smiling at how whatsApp is making this world go round.

Then my neighbor was having complications after posting that singer with a heavy voice the frog like and commented how she would die for that guy. Lol!! his guy as I know him has this soft voice sounds like a ladybird ,couldn’t take it.

He thought how demeaning that could be and the fire came down to her. The difference is the fires were being shot on the App status with the aim of annoying the other person.

“Kimtu hakina kitu I just loved you for you is that hard to understand,” read a status from the chick and the guy replied with video meme of Stevo simple boy ‘ndo maanake’ singing about these girls after cash. I wonder if the two talk.

Forgive my continued rejuvenating spirit am learning some new skills here. Am moving up town guys, my lingua franca is becoming dope. Communication is key though.

I get it everyone wants to belong somewhere to someone ,it’s universal. Exceptional to few people who love privacy (am part of this group) and wonder what the heck is wrong with you? What happened to communication, I mean healthy talks instead of looking for approval from us viewers of the ongoing fights?

Kindly don’t make us be judgmental or gossipers of non-existent matters. Give us full details. On the other hand it is fun ,keep on entertaining my seemingly boring life. In the meantime looking forward to the outcome of real fights from my neighbor’s . I think I will be posting memes soon.

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4 thoughts on “WhatsApp status , a new wave for relationships

  1. Alot of people for them, what you post kinder gets to them. Most are here for fun but deep down the things they post reflect on what they think, or are like. Nice piece

  2. I think someone people use status to get to know others better
    ‘Look at Manuh’s case ‘it’ through status that lead into her girl to conclude That Manuh doesn’t love her’

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