I did it, this time I was specific with the hook ups. My workmate, Abby has been pressurizing me with a search for a serious guy as though am a dating site. “Musa I want someone like you si umetulia,” she said once in a seductive voice which scared me since am married one.

Secondly this job relationship are not a thing to joke about not that cheating is in my plan emphasis on point one.

I couldn’t fathom how such a beautiful curved creature had nobody to care of her, but I understood her plight ,the only problem to be honest the only friends I have left have missing parts and would pounce on any chance to fix the parts.

They have less regards for intimacy and that’s a kicker I wouldn’t want to ditch my brand for a hook-up gone sour. After critically thinking I decided to give Abby a taste of Chris.

Chris is one of the natural guys you’ve seen on the street, casual but with a good taste of fashion. Met him in a mall. He almost knocked me down while staring at some flat tummy .His neck was restless ,I thought ‘atavunja shingo’ .we see a lot of this here in Nairobi.

I told him ,”Eh si these girls are beautiful, are there any ugly ladies kweli ”, he exclaimed. I knew he wanted an audience I can spot a hungry soul from far so give an ear.

But come to think of it these daughters of eve have evolved to a perfect mold of evolution homo sapien sapien is in another class. These ladies nowadays carry themselves in great adoration, well-trimmed eyebrows, colored lips, curved bodies the plus size with nice boobs (okay will stop at that) all beautiful in their own ways.

Talk of looks, the natural ones, the ‘rangi ya thao’ or melanin dripping .They will get you lusting at something, if she lacks a piece the other will complement the feature to enhance her beauty.

So I asked my new acquaintance what’s his taste? You know these men. The answer was ‘ata sijui mimi bora ako fine’ but with no specific definitions. What do these men want!? And as fate would have it, I link Abby to Chris and operation red zone was initiated.

After calling it history whatever goes on is none of our business .Operation red zone was in progress but I had not received any updates even a thank you note. I called Abby just to say hi nothing much with a happy expression.

“Aky who is that ulinipea!” she lamented on receiving the call.

I was dumbfounded. Well that’s not the right expression I was glob smacked.

“This guy could not concentrate on me, he kept turning on any lady, jeez who does that!”

In as much I anticipated this outcome, I didn’t expect it this soon on a first date. As for now ,man down I repeat man down abort mission; mission red flag.

What do you men want? What are you looking for? I guess Chrispinus whatever the name, learn to appreciate the beauty of one girl.

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